We help teens discover themselves, explore their potential futures, and make them real.

We're giving teens the exposure and experience to find their own path and make a mark straight out of high school.

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We had a crazy idea...

What if every teen finished high school with the real-world skills they needed to succeed straight out high school?

What if there was a program, where instead of a limited set of irrelevant electives, they got to try dozens of future-forward careers, working with experts in tech, design, fashion, gaming, freelancing, and more… so they can find something they'll love before committing to a specific path?

And when they find it, they're given the time, space, and mentorship to go deep so they can jump into an internship, first job, or even their own business before college? Where they graduate with conviction about what they're doing next, ready for the world of opportunity ahead of them?

We’re building it. And it’s going to be awesome.

Caleb Hicks, Founder @ Factor
Why we're building Factor

The current system is broken. We're building a better one.

Teenagers who do any kind of internship in high school.
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Median student loan payment.
With an average payback of nearly 20 years, totaling over $107,520.
Business Outlets
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What We Value at Factor

No speed limits
We never hold ourselves, or our members, back with guard rails or artificial timelines. We push as far as we can go as quickly as possible. We bias for action, we ship fast, and we learn even faster.
Impact and  access
We make things awesome and we make them for everyone. When we must prioritize one, we do so in that order.
Make it real
We make ideas real by moving from talk to action quickly. We don't just imagine, we make it real by moving from talk to action quickly. And we give our explorers real experiences with real consequence and impact instead of simulations or games.
Always be curious
We are always learning and open to new ideas. We know nothing is so perfect it can't be improved, so we constantly seek to make our work better. We also know that everyone's perspective is valid to them, so we seek to understand without judgment or derision.
Build it together
We go further when we go together. We work with each other and anyone impacted by our work to build the very best outcomes for everyone involved.
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