About Us

We're helping teens around the world discover and chase their next big thing.

Why are we building Factor?

The current system is broken.

We're building a better one.
All around the world teenagers are expected to make major decisions around what they'll study, where they'll live, and what they'll pursue as a career with too little information about what options they have.

We're giving teens the exposure and experience to find their own path and make a mark straight out of high school. College need not apply.
Teenagers around the world that are about to enter the workforce.
Most with little context of what they want to do or be in the world.
< 2%
Teenagers who do any kind of internship in high school.
Missing real-world experience.
< 50%
College grads who ever work a job that requires a degree.
Let alone one that matches their degree.
Average annual college tuition in the United States.
Most average 6 years to graduate with no guarantee of return or career outcomes.
Hours in high school with no dedicated work-based exploration or experience.
And yet we expect them to choose where they'll live, what to study, and what to pursue as a career right away.
Six year graduation rate for college and universities.
Meaning nearly half of college tuition never results in a degree outcome.
Median student loan payment for a bachelor's degree.
With an average payback of nearly 20 years, totaling over $107,520.
Additional opportunity cost of deferring work to get a degree.
Plus any career advancement or advantages of investing early.
How we work

Here's what we value, and what we instill

Make it real
We don't just imagine, we make it real by moving from talk to action quickly. And we give our explorers real experiences with real consequence and impact instead of simulations or games.
Always be curious
We are always learning and open to new ideas. We know nothing is so perfect it can't be improved, so we constantly seek to make our work better. We also know that everyone's perspective is valid to them, so we seek to understand without judgment or derision.
Build it together
We go further when we go together. We work with each other and anyone impacted by our work to build the very best outcomes for everyone involved.
No speed limits
We ship fast and learn even faster. We have a bias for action, and we go as far as we can. We never hold others back with guard rails, but push them as far as they can go as quickly as possible.
Impact first, then access
First we make it awesome, then we make it possible for everyone.
Looking for your next challenge?

We're hiring.

Come join us.
  • Benefits including health, minimum two weeks off, home cleaning, and wellness stipends.
  • Remote first team with quarterly onsites to jam together.
  • An ambitious, compelling mission to build a better onramp to life after school for teens around the world.
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