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The Discover Journey

Push your limits, live your potential futures, find what you love

In our online Discover program, you'll complete multiple weeklong challenges that stretch you out of your comfort zone, and put you in the shoes of pros across industries and jobs.

Set yourself apart for internships, jobs, or college admissions
Build your resume with real-world projects
Get 1:1 coaching to craft and execute your 12 month plan
Weeks of group and mastermind sessions
Micro-internships with young professionals

What Factor members have to say

Teens and parents love Factor.

Factor is almost like dating with industries. You sift around to see what you’re into. Not all of it is going to be great and that is okay because you find what you are interested in. It is a great way to meet cool people in cool environments.

Factor Member, 16

The only complaint I have is that they have yet to provide the 40-something-year-old parents with the time machine to transport them back to the late 90s and offer the same support. I think Factor is pretty spectacular and I’ve absolutely loved watching them light the fire of ambition and motivation for my son.

Factor Mom

Factor is for everybody. There are so many different things that we do. You will find something that you are passionate about along the way. I have definitely found things that I have loved and it’s always fun seeing what’s next.

Factor Member, 16
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