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Getting started with Factor

Joining a transformative program is a big decision all around – our 1:1 admissions process is designed to help you and your family decide if Factor is right for you. Here's how it works.

Our Enrollment Process

We'll work with you and the whole family to get you started

Step One - Register interest
When you find a program you're interested in, drop your info and tell us a bit about yourself so we can help you get started.

We recommend registering interest as soon as possible, as that serves as our waiting list and will keep you posted on new programs and options as they open up.
Step Two - Talk it over with your family
You and your Factor Guide will set up a time to talk through the program with your family. Our programs take time, attention, and commitment, and we want to help make sure everyone is on board. We'll talk through the program, your plan, and payment options.
Step Three - Meet your Factor Guide
Next up you'll meet your Factor Guide who will help you build a custom plan across our programs. Your guide will work with you throughout your Factor journey.
Step Four - Save your spot
Now you have all of the information, take the time you need to commit. Once you're ready to jump in, you'll reserve your spot by submitting your deposit and some final onboarding information.
Step Five - You're in!
At this point you've done everything you need! We'll ship out a Welcome Box based on interests you shared with your Guide, get you introduced to others in the program, and get you ready for Day One!
Still have questions?

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