The Achievement Scholarship process.

Fill out your application
After you've signed up for the program and met with a Guide about joining, fill out the application below to let us know you're interested in the Achievement Scholarship.
Interview with a guide
You'll receive an invitation to interview with a Guide to talk through your achievements and how you'll add to the Factor community.
Hold until the start of the month
We review scholarship applications at the end of each month. Don't worry, you can still sign up and get started – you'll still be in the full refund window, and we'll credit your account.
Hear the result
We'll let you know the results of your application. While we're proud to grant over $100k in scholarships each year, we accept only ~10% of Achievement Scholarship applications.

The Achievement Scholarship Application

Who are you?

What is your origin story?

Who are you? How'd you get to where you are today? What makes you the person you are? Try to answer in 2-3 paragraphs.

What is the most impressive thing that you've accomplished?

Tell us about something that sets you apart from others your age in your area.

Tell us about a time that you've hacked the system around you to your advantage.

We love working with people who see the world around them as moldable, who identify opportunities, and are factors for change. How have you done that?

If granted, what will this scholarship help you accomplish?

Tell us about why you want this scholarship, and – if granted – where it will help you go.

How will you help make Factor a better program for the other participants if you're accepted and given the scholarship?

We expect Achievement Scholarship recipients to be culture carriers and raise the tide of Factor as a whole. If granted, how will you do so?

What else should we know about you in order to make a decision?

Let us know anything else you think would be useful for us to understand or talk about with you to make a decision.

Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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